Feedback on the proposal to change U+FFFD generation when decoding ill-formed UTF-8

Doug Ewell via Unicode unicode at
Wed May 31 14:38:58 CDT 2017

Henri Sivonen wrote:

> If anything, I hope this thread results in the establishment of a
> requirement for proposals to come with proper research about what
> multiple prominent implementations to about the subject matter of a
> proposal concerning changes to text about implementation behavior.

Considering that several folks have objected that the U+FFFD
recommendation is perceived as having the weight of a requirement, I
think adding Henri's good advice above as a "requirement" seems
heavy-handed. Who will judge how much research qualifies as "proper"?
Who will determine that the judge doesn't have a conflict?

An alternative would be to require that proposals, once received with
whatever amount of research, are augmented with any necessary additional
research *before* being approved. The identity or reputation of the
requester should be irrelevant to approval.
Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, US |

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