Petition to ban Google from designing emoji

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Thu May 18 11:53:12 CDT 2017

A more democratic solution is to allow the global public to both submit and
vote on emoji designs. Rather than allow a small number of (probably) north
american white males to dictate emojis in a 'colonial' process based on
their own world and personal view.
The Unicode consortium can vote to change the process and now the proposal
has been made it will speak volumes if Google, Apple etc. choose not to
ICANN chose to democratise their processes ; so can Unicode.

On 18 May 2017 at 15:16, Gabriel von Dehn via Unicode <unicode at>

> Hi,
> the Unicode Consortium does not and cannot “ban” vendors from designing
> emojis the way they wish. Unicode merely gives recommendations on how the
> characters should be displayed. Think of the different designs on different
> platforms like different fonts you can use (because that is actually what
> they *are*): They all look slightly different and no one would hold a
> petition for the design of characters in a font to change.
> As for the gendered Emojis, those are in the Unicode specification now:
> If you do not like the upcoming Emoji design from Google (or anything
> about the upcoming version of Android), you can report to Google directly,
> but posting on this List won’t help.
> On 18 May 2017, at 14:40, zelpa via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:
> Is this some kind of joke? Have Google put ANY thought into their emoji
> design? First they bastardise the cute blob emoji, then they make their
> emoji gendered, now they've literally just copied Apple's emoji. It's
> sickening. Disgusting. I propose we hold a petition for the Unicode
> Consortium to ban Google from designing emoji in the future, and make them
> revert back to the Android 5 designs. Everyone in favour of this please
> leave a response, anybody not in favour please rethink your opinion.
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