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Tue May 9 09:09:57 CDT 2017

I need some help with the glyphs from the CSUR<http://www.evertype.com/standards/csur/> and UCSUR<http://www.kreativekorp.com/ucsur/>.

Some of the glyphs were no problem, such as the Tengwar and Cirth ones, because their pages actually show the glyphs on their pages.
Others do not, which poses a bit of a problem. Some of them have links to other sites that are intended to show the glyphs, but most of those links are outdated and lead to 404s. I could just pull up an archived version with the Wayback machine (web.archive.org), and for some of them, this works, but most of them don’t have any saved versions.
I could just do a Google search to find out what the characters look like, but many of the scripts are too obscure to get anything reliable out of that Google search. I’m making a font with everything in the UCSUR, and this is a major obstacle I must overcome. So do you guys know where I could get glyph shapes for most of these scripts?

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