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Additionally, I will only do OT features that are absolutely necessary for a certain script, not unnecessary (although stylish!) features, e.g. I will include things like mark positioning and init/medi/fina forms for Arabic, while leaving out small caps, swashes, and extensive ligatures. (In an earlier post, I might have said I’ll do ALL of the possible OT features. If so, I misspoke.)
But if the cry for space gets REALLY desperate, I’ll merge identical glyphs into one glyph. Obviously, I won’t do this for more problematic merges, only glyphs in similar scripts with similar features. (e.g. I would represent Latin small letter o, Greek small letter omicron, Cyrillic small letter o, Armenian letter oh, and Georgian labial sign with one glyph, while Hebrew letter samekh and Arabic letter ae, despite also being circular, would be two separate glyphs.) But I’ll only do this if I really need to.

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