How to Add Beams to Notes

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“Rather than using "unused code positions", I would always recommend to use some of the Private Use code points.”
Consider it done.

                “What is the intended usage of your font? Music score applications? others?”
I am simply going to make a series of full Unicode fonts (which, due to the 65,535-character limit in fonts, each of the 3 fonts covers different planes: The first font does the BMP, the second one does the SMP, and the third one is all the other planes, which are vacant enough to fit in one font) that will have the necessary OpenType features of every script. And I thought “Hey, maybe I should do full OT for the music block that no one has really done yet! How awesome would that be?” So I made a test font to work it out, but I ran into this one pothole. That’s when I came here.

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