Standaridized variation sequences for the Desert alphabet?

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Mon Mar 27 11:03:36 CDT 2017

On 27 Mar 2017, at 16:56, John H. Jenkins <jenkins at> wrote:

>> John H. Jenkins mentioned early in this thread that these ligatures weren't used in printed materials and were not part of the official Deseret set.  They were only used in manuscript.
> This is correct. Neither of the nineteenth century metal types included the letters in question. Nor were they included in any electronic fonts that I'm aware of before they were included in Unicode.

The 1857 St Louis punches definitely included both the 1855 EW �� and the 1859 OI <����>. Ken Beesley shows them in smoke proofs in his 2004 paper on Metafont.

Michael Everson

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