Standaridized variation sequences for the Desert alphabet?

Michael Everson everson at
Sun Mar 26 08:18:37 CDT 2017

On 26 Mar 2017, at 10:07, Erkki I Kolehmainen <eik at> wrote:
> I tend to agree with Martin, Philippe and others in questioning the disunification.

You may, but you give no evidence or discussion about it, so...

In any case it’s not a disunification. Some characters are encoded; they were used to write diphthongs in 1855. These characters were abandoned by 1859, and other characters were devised. The origin of all of the characters as ligatures of other characters isn’t questioned. The right thing to do is to add the missing characters, not to invalidate any font that uses the 1855 characters by claiming that the 1855 and 1859 characters are “the same”. 

Michael Everson

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