Standaridized variation sequences for the Desert alphabet?

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Mar 21 12:41:04 CDT 2017

gfb hjjhjh wrote:

> According to the wikipedia page for the Desert alphabet, there're
> critism that in the unicode chart some of the letter encoded for the
> alphabet used the 1855 design instead of 1859 deisgn of those
> characters. Would it be a good idea to make ​standardized variation
> sequences for those characters so that they can be displayed eitherway
> upon users' wish?

Almost any letter in any script can have glyph variations that don't
represent a change in semantics.

A Deseret font could easily, and conformantly, be constructed with
whatever set of glyphs the designer wishes to show, just as it could for
a Latin-script font.
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