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I liked the Go implementation of character type - a rune type - which is a
codepoint.  and strings that return runes from by index.

Doesn't solve the problem for composited codepoints though...

texel looks to be defined as a graphic element already.  TEXture ELement.

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> Quote/Cytat - Asmus Freytag <asmusf at ix.netcom.com> (Mon 13 Mar 2017
> 06:00:08 PM CET):
> [...]
> This (or similar) scenarios indicate the impossibility to come to a
> single, universal definition of a "textel" -- the main reason why this
> term is of lower utility than "pixel".
> I agree that it is impossible  to come to a single, universal definition
> of text elements, but it seems possible to reach a consensus on a kind of
> the least common denominator of them and call it "textel" or something else.
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