Translations of city names

Jean Aurambault jean.aurambault at
Wed Mar 1 14:56:23 CST 2017


I'm looking for (lightweight) libraries to translate city names,
potentially country as well (but I know that's available in CLDR/ICU in
some ways). Ideally it wouldn't need a database but rely on static assets.

I'm wondering if there is any standard that defines a universal city id
(similar to country codes).

Wikipedia has lots of information on exonyms in different languages.

I also found thing like that seems to have a
complete dataset with translations in many language but the relevant data
would need to be extracted.

Right now we use a old version of Maxmind library to get geolocated data
that has no translation. Looks like new version have some translation but
not enough language supported

Any recommandation?

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