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> for animal in animalKingdom:
>  createEmojiProposal(animal)
Did you miss a semicolon off the end of that!? ☺
> Emoji are a veritable Pandora box.
Is there an emoji for that!?
The name Pandora reminded me that an electric locomotive was named Pandora. So I searched and found that a more recent electro-diesel locomotive has also been named Pandora.
I then wondered if the name Pandora had been used for a steam locomotive and it seemed to me that a Great Western Railway broad gauge locomotive from the nineteenth century might have had that sort of classical name, so I searched and found that one did.
However, although I have rambled off-topic I wonder if you might like the following about how Turtle Graphics are being used for education in the United Kingdom
It just seems to me that as emoji are popular that to have some turtle graphics emoji would be both educational and fun.
I am hoping that people on this mailing list will like to have a lively discussion on this topic, like there used to be lively discussions in this mailing list years ago.
William Overington
Saturday 29 July 2017
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for animal in animalKingdom:
Emoji are a veritable Pandora box.
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