Re: First bonafide use (≠ mention) of emoji by an academic publisher?

Christoph Päper via Unicode unicode at
Mon Jul 24 09:24:50 CDT 2017

Leonardo Boiko:
> It would just be more
> satisfying for me if the blue books were encoded in the font as U+1F4D8s,
> rather than U+F02Ds.  Or, if the colors are done at a CSS level, as  ��
> U+1F4D5 CLOSED BOOKs or the like.  Same goes for the other icons in FA
> which *do *have an emoji counterpart (which would be, I suspect, the
> majority).

This issue has been raised long ago with the developers of such symbol fonts:


The reason why this is not being done is the special treatment of emoji characters by vendors who always replace them by their custom images. Since such fonts are mostly used on the Web platform, the solution would be a CSS property to force `text` rendering of emojis:


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