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I sent the following message as a report to the unicode consortium, but I
thought that perhaps someone here might give me some feedback as well.

While implementing UAX#9 for Unicode 6.3 (and beyond) in FriBidi, I'm
trying to pass all the tests of BidiCharacterTest.txt , and I'm having
problem understanding a few of the tests that to me appear to contradict
the spefication. The problematic lines in BidiCharacterTest-10.0.0.txt are
the tests on lines 262, 263, and 264.

Let's consider test from line 262:

Dir:     RTL
Input:   a   (   b <RLE> c <pdf> )   _   1
Level:   2   2   2   x   4   x   1   1   2

The problem I'm having is that the first opening bracket is assigned level
2 and the closing bracket level 1.

This seems to contradict the three rules N0.b, N0.c.1, and N0.c.2 in the
specification that all describe overriding the type of both brackets with
either the embedding or the opposite direction. The only case we can
possibly get different levels (correct me if I'm wrong!) is if rule N0.d is
applied and the brackets retain their neutral status until they are
resolved in subsequent rules.

I would very much appreciate if you would either acknowledge a bug or
correct a misunderstanding on my part.

Thank you in advance!
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