Tilde (was: Unicode education in UK Schools)

Otto Stolz via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sat Jul 8 05:33:14 CDT 2017


am 2017-07-07 um 17:14 Uhr hat William_J_G Overington geschrieben:
> I found that the character a tilde as I now know it to be called is only used in Portuguese.

Just for the record:

“Ô is used in Portuguese, Kashubian;
“Ñ” is used in Galician, Spanish, Mirandese, Catalan (only for Spanish 
loan words), even English (for Spanish loan words), Breton (in Peurunvan 
spelling), Basque;
“Õ” is used in Estonian, Livonian (extinct since 2013);
“Ȭ” is used in Livonian;
“Ũ” is used in Mirandese.

I have only considered European official, and regional, languages.


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