how would you state requirements involving sorting?

Mark Davis ☕️ mark at
Tue Jan 24 06:38:11 CST 2017

Perhaps suggest something along the following lines.

Sorting. Unicode-conformant collation (
must be used when sorting titles. The collation must follow the user's
locale, such as using ICU APIs (


On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 7:43 AM, Eric Muller <eric.muller at> wrote:

> Suppose you help somebody write requirements for a piece of software and
> you see an item:
> Sorting. Diacritic marks need to be stripped when sorting titles
> You know that sorting is a lot more complicated than removing diacritics,
> and that giving the directive above to a naive developer is going to lead
> to trouble. You know you want to end up with an implementation involving
> the UCA with a tailoring based on the locale. How would you suggest to
> reword the requirement?
> Thanks,
> Eric.
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