WAP Pictogram Specification as Emoji Source

Christoph Päper christoph.paeper at crissov.de
Mon Feb 13 03:39:41 CST 2017

Christoph Päper <christoph.paeper at crissov.de> 2016-01-07:
> I just discovered the WAP Pictogram specification (WAP-213-WAPInterPic), last published in April 2001 and updated in November 2001.

There was a subsequent update by OMA in 2006, but it didn’t change any pictogram.

> Reading through section 7 Pictogram Set, it’s obvious that WAP pictograms have been unified with Japanese (i-mode) emojis upon their encoding in Unicode 6+.

There were references to WAP in L2/07-257 and L2/08-081, for instance.

> However, the mapping is not obvious in all cases and I think there are some pictograms that have been omitted / forgotten or could have better annotation, 

I’ve put my best guesses for equivalent emojis onto Github:


I still think there are some entries without proper corresponding emoji. Would that suffice as a reason for adding them?

- animal/beetle – unless same as animal/ladybird ��
- emotion/shakenHeart – unless beating heart �� is appropriate
- emotion/shine – Sparkles ✨ may or may not be appropriate
- map/park – maybe Fountain ⛲️, not obvious
- map/zoo – perhaps any non-pet animal
- music/rest – is that what 〽️ or 〰️ means?
- sport/scuba

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