Popular wordprocessors treating U+00A0 as fixed-width

Shriramana Sharma via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Sun Dec 31 20:14:36 CST 2017

While http://unicode.org/reports/tr14/ clearly states that:

When expanding or compressing interword space according to common
typographical practice, only the spaces marked by U+0020 SPACE and
U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE are subject to compression, and only spaces
marked by U+0020 SPACE, U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE, and occasionally spaces
marked by U+2009 THIN SPACE are subject to expansion. All other space
characters normally have fixed width.

… really sad to see the misunderstanding around U+00A0:



Shriramana Sharma ஶ்ரீரமணஶர்மா श्रीरमणशर्मा ������������������������

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