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Concerning word separation and clusters, there was a variety on different practices.

At best, one could say that statistically, there is  a positive correlation between word cuts and cluster limits.

This being said, it depends widely on the era, the quality of the inscription, and the available space.

At some times (for instance, XIIth dynasty), the scribes would work hard to avoid cutting a word between two lines. At other time, and 
in other circumstances (limited available space), word cutting could be extreme. For instance, in Stela Cairo CGC 34025 (AKA Israel Stela), Merenptah’s text, reusing a stela by Amenophis III, lacks room. 

Hence, you have things like (like 5-6) :  : the word ẖsy « small », is cut between the two lines. The phonetic part is line 5, and the bird determinative is alone on line 5, above the preposition « m », which is itself above the consonnant « m » which is the first consonant of the following word. I have written the three words in different colours to display their intrication.

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