Armenian Mijaket (Armenian colon)

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Tue Dec 5 13:28:10 CST 2017

U+2024 is not supported in any fonts I have loaded. A websearch of mijaket
gives nothing.
U+20224 is used as a "leader dot", and does not match the expected metrics
(it is  certainly not a mijaket, it should be more like U+0589, i.e. as a
bold parallelogram, and not a thin leader dot).

Leader dots are NOT used as real punctuation, they are presentational, for
example in TOC (table of contents), where they are aligned in arbitrarily
long rows.

The note in is absolutely not
normative and in fact it is wrong in my opinion.

The mijaket (Armenian colon) should be encoded (preferably at U+0588 in the
Armenian block) as it also has to be distinguisdhed from leader dots in
Armenian TOC, exactly like the vertsaket was distinguished at U+0589.

2017-12-05 19:59 GMT+01:00 S. Gilles <sgilles at>:

> On 2017-12-05T18:44:05+0100, Philippe Verdy via Unicode wrote:
> > The Armenian script has its own distinctive punctuation (vertsaket) for
> the
> > standard full stop at end of sentence (whose glyph looks very much like
> the
> > Basic Latin/ASCII colon, however slighly more bold and slanted and whose
> > dots are rectangular). It is encoded at U+0589. And used in traditional
> > texts instead of the "modern" full stop.
> >
> > But Armenian also has its own distinctive puctuation (mijaket) for the
> > introductory colon between two phrases of the same sentence (whose glyph
> > looks very much like the Basic Latin/ASCII full stop). It is not encoded
> > and I don't like using the ASCII full stop where it causes confusion.
> >
> > Where is the Armenian distinctive mijaket? Shouldn't it be encoded at
> > U+0588?
> Off-list because I generally don't know what I'm talking about, but
> grepping NamesList.txt for ‘mijaket’ gives U+2024. If this isn't
> what you're looking for, my apologies.
> --
> S. Gilles
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