Character Sequences of Uncertain Rendering (was: Version linking?)

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> I'm wondering if there are any cases where a SHY _should_ go between a
> Latin letter and diacritic.  I can't think of any.

In standard Latin orthography you would not expect it, normally, but there
will be cases where this will still occur at random places between long
spans of letters.

However I did NOT suggest (like you are doing here) using SHY between a
Latin letter and any diacritic.

But may be you've been confused by the fact I took the example of free
insertion of SHY controls in alphabetic scripts in comparison to the free
insertion of joiner controls (not the same thing) between Indic letters
(including vowel matras or subjoined consonants that are encoded as
combining characters but are not really "diacritics").

Of course SHY in this use is not suitable, but who knows if one will not
need this to split in tow parts what would be otherwise a single cluster
(possibly reordered by canonical reordering if one needs to split between
two Indic matras: this would suggest there's a need for a new "empty base
consonnant" for that Indic script, but SHY (U+00AD) should probably not
have the correct effect if it also inserts an undesired line break
opportunity, independantly of how the glyph which would be rendered and the
position (first or second line) where it would be rendered if the linebreak
is honored).

If one wants an, empty base letter to combine with the diacritic after it,
I think it should be NBSP (U+00A0) to avoid the interpretation as a
"defective" cluster using a implied glyph such as the dotted circle (but
NBSP also has its own problems, notably for collation where it would
collate like a space instead of being ignorable at primary level: this can
be fixed however quite easily in collation tailorings, using collation
elements made with "NBSP+combining matra")
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