Assamese and Unicode.

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It could appear as a supplementary chart for the ISCII standard, but when
converting to Unicode, it should have no impact except possibly encoding
some of their letters in the new chart as pairs of Unicode characters even
if one of them would not be necessary in all contexts (it could be a
variant code or a new combining character, or using a Unicode named
sequence). This would define a transcription rule to convert the
orthographic spelling to codes.

The new ISCII chart could display the Assamese letter names, without impact
on the unified Unicode letters even if Unicode letters have Bengali names.
Those names could be annoted or updated into the Unicode charts as these
annotations are not normative.

The new ISCII charat could even adopt some slight modification in its own
binary sort order. This will not impact the Unicode binary order, and
Assamese will continue to use a collation tailoring by language (in CLDR).

But most probably the real pressure will be to adapt the keyboard where
Bengali keyboard layouts don't match the most frequent use. I don't think
ISCII will need a new version revival when India is already using Uncode.

We have a single unified Latin script used for many languages that are not
even Latin-based such as Turkish and still no "Turkish script" even if
there's a know "Turkish aphabet" (sometimes known as "Altaic" alphabet with
its typical distinction of hard-dotted and undotted letters I and J)

2017-08-24 0:35 GMT+02:00 David Faulks via Unicode <unicode at>:

> It appears that the Indian government will submit an 'Assamese' proposal.
> Since everything I know about Assamese Script indicates that it is
> basically the same as Bengali and the Unicode Assamese controversy is
> derived entirely from a sub-nationalistic fit over character and script
> names, I expect that this proposal will not be accepted.
> However, 'popular nationalism' will probably be used to attack Unicode
> then.
> David Faulks
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