Should U+3248 ... U+324F be wide characters?

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>     Most emoji now have "W", for example:
>     That seems correct because emoji behave more like Ideographs.
>     Isn’t this the same for “CIRCLED NUMBER TEN ON BLACK SQUARE”?
>     This seems to me also more like an Ideograph.
> Not really. They have existed since extremely long without being bound 
> to ideographs or sinographic requirements on metrics. Notably their 
> baseline and vertical extension do not follow the sinographic 
> em-square layout convention (except when they are rendered with CJK 
> fonts, or were encoded in documents with legacy CJK encodings, also 
> rendered with suitable CJK fonts being then prefered to Latin fonts 
> which won't use the large siongraphic metrics).
> If they were like emojis, they would actually be larger : I think it 
> is a case for definining a Emoji-variant for them (where they could 
> also be colored or have some 3D-like look)

There's an emoji variant for the standard digits.


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