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The annotation of 0F85 ྅ TIBETAN MARK PALUTA says it is used for avagraha.
However it seems this character denotes pluta instead of avagraha. Pluta is
used for indicating elongation of vowel.
Similar character with identical glyph is encoded in Soyombo( 11A9D ) with
name as pluta. These characters are likely derive from digit ३ as ३ is used
in Devanagari for indicating pluta.

Figure 2 of L2/16-016 shows the usage of  TIBETAN MARK PALUTA for Pluta.
What is the correct spelling in Tibetan language Paluta or Pluta?
Can Tibetan scholars clarify the usage of above character?
If 0F85 is used for Pluta ,are there any distinct characters denoting
avagraha in Tibetan script.

Srinidhi A
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