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Hello Janusz,

I think you should report this problem to 
http://www.unicode.org/reporting.html. That way, it gets tracked 
appropriately. This list is for discussion, not for bug fixes.

Regards,   Martin.

On 2017/04/10 18:54, Janusz S. Bień wrote:
> This is a long overdue issue, but better late than never.
> To make a long story short, I think that the word "Unikod" should not
> be used in the Polish translation of "What is Unicode":
> http://www.unicode.org/standard/translations/polish.html
> The word "Unikod", to the best of my knowledge, has been coined long
> ago by Piotr Trzcionkowski, who registered also the domain
> www.unikod.pl used to advocate Unicode in Poland.
> "Unicode" as a trademark should not be translated, for me this is
> quite obvious.
> This is actually the case in almost all language versions of "What is
> Unicode" using the Latin script (with the exception of Esperanto and
> Lithuanian, where it can be probably justified by some grammar rules,
> and Polish). This is also seems to be the case in various language
> versions of Wikipedia (I've checked only some of them) with the
> exception of the Polish one which uses "Unikod" as the primary entry.
> The occurence of "Unikod" on the Unicode site may be interpreted as an
> official acceptance of this equivalent. I hope this is not the case.  I
> would like to clarify the matter before engaging myself in a
> discussion about introducing the "Unicode" primary entry in Polish
> Wikipedia.
> You can check the usage of "Unicode" and "Unikod" in Polish not only
> with Google but also in the National Corpus of Polish:
> http://nkjp.pl/
> There are 786 occurences of "Unicode" coming mainly from published
> books and 102 occurences of "Unikod", mainly in Usenet postings and
> Wikipedia discussions.
> Grammatical Dictionary of Polish contains only "unicode":
> http://sgjp.pl/leksemy/#73537/unicode
> Polish versions of Windows use "Unicode". A localization dictionary
> http://www.btinfodictionary.com/
> also preserves "Unicode".
> Actually I don't mind using "Unikod" (or better "unikod") informally,
> as e.g. spelling "Unikodem" is simpler than "Unicode'em" (instrumental
> singular) and "Unikodzie" looks better in Polish than "Unicodzie"
> (locative singular), moreover there is no doubt how to pronounce it.
> This is probably the reason why, to my surprise, the word was
> introduced also in some other Slavonic languages, e.g.
> https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Unikod.
> My point is only that both "What is Unicode" and Polish Wikipedia
> primary entry should use the original spelling.
> Best regards
> Janusz

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