Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for chess notation

Michael Everson everson at
Thu Apr 6 08:50:41 CDT 2017

On 6 Apr 2017, at 13:19, Christoph Päper <christoph.paeper at> wrote:
> Although Michael Everson readily dismisses any connection to emojis, e.g. L2/16-021 or L2/16-087+088, and hence the Emoji and Emoji_Presentation character properties as well as sequences with variation selectors 15 and 16 (U+FE0E/F), normal emoji design actually matches "diagram" notation quite nicely in that all emoji glyphs are rendered within an (ideographic / em) square. 

No, no. Emojis are something else very specific and very expensive with implications for vendors and having to do with colour. Look at zero:

U+0030 - 0 - DIGIT ZERO
U+0030 FE00 - 0︀ - short diagonal stroke form
U+0030 FE0E - 0︎ - text style
U+0030 FE0F - 0️ - emoji style

Emoji is something else. Emoji is a fine thing, but it’s not chessboard typesetting. 

Michael Everson

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