Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for chess notation

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at
Wed Apr 5 14:45:57 CDT 2017

>> As it happens, Quest text also has eight glyphs for producing a border, all eight being in the Private Use Area. They are rather ornate. They are at U+E5B0 through to U+E5B7.

Michael Everson wrote:

> They are there. I had to figure out how the should be used. They are put together in a very different way than the borders of any other font I have seen are. I am not sure, but I think he’s intended to use them thus:

> [Pic of the Looking-Glass board in William’s font]


Yes, Michael has set out the border as I intended it to be used. Thank you.

> William’s design is decidedly non-traditional, and not (to my eye) particularly easy to read, but it doesn’t matter. The picture here shows his glyphs configured in exactly the same way as specified in my proposal. IT WORKS. (There are some hairline gaps in the border and the top left corner piece is a little less well aligned than one would if one were preparing to ship the font.)

Thank you for producing the picture.

Yes, there are some hairline gaps in the border. It happens in some places when using the font in PagePlus X7 here: they appear to be rounding errors in the rendering system. Maybe I can try to make the glyphs for the two left side border corners and the upper and lower border horizontals each a bit wider than the advance width. Line spacing a little less than it should be for the font size in the application program might stop any vertical hairlines without altering the font, if indeed altering the font vertically would work anyway and I am unsure at present whether it would or not. However, the issue with the top left corner piece is not a font issue and that issue does not occur when using the font with PagePlus X7. If I do alter the font, or make a variant version, then I will need to check what happens if glyphs overlap when producing a PDF document before finalizing anything.

> Thank you for sharing your font, William. I’ll send you the ttf of this one so you can tinker with glyph placement as you wish, if the proposal is accepted and the standardized variation sequences accepted. 

Thank you.

William Overington

Wednesday 5 April 2017

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