Emoji Compatibility Symbols

Charlotte Buff irgendeinbenutzername at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 12:53:29 CDT 2017

I am trying to reconstruct what the 66 emoji compatibility symbols that
were included in some old drafts originally mapped to, but useful
information on the web seems a bit sparse. It was fairly easy to figure out
that compatibility symbols 1 through 16 eventually became proper characters
(or sequences) and turned into ��, ��, ��, ��, ��, ����, ����, ����, ����,
����, ����, ����, ����, ����, ����, and ➿. However, that still leaves 50
symbols that don't correspond to any Unicode characters.

I did find this project
that assigned names to private-use codepoints, and the related mappings
from those codepoints to the different carrier sets
Unfortunately, I still don’t know what images or meanings were associated
with those numbers.

Searching for SoftBank emoji gave me a neatly organized list of 404 errors
and KDDI was equally fruitless. Documents on the Unicode website itself
regularly mention that EMS 17 through 66 are needed for round-trip mappings
but never what these mappings actually were as far as I could find. Does
anybody have this information available?
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