IJ with accent

Christoph Päper christoph.paeper at crissov.de
Thu Sep 29 01:00:59 CDT 2016

a.lukyanov <a.lukyanov at yspu.org>:
> Dutch language writing uses the ligature ij (U+0132, U+0133). When accented, it should take an accent on each component,
> However, if monolithic ligature ij is used, how one can accent it correctly?


- ij U+0133
- ij́ U+0133+0301
- ij̋ U+0133+030B
- y U+0079
- ý U+0079+0301
- ý U+00FD
- y̋ U+0079+030B
- ÿ U+00FF
- ÿ́ U+00FF+0301
- ÿ̋ U+00FF+030B


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