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Sat Oct 8 21:02:56 CDT 2016

That's not "his" definition of non-free.  Restrictions on selling copies
commercially violate the Free Software Foundation's definition of non-free:

And also the Open Source Initiative's definition of non-free:

And also the Debian project's definition of non-free:

In short, every single major free software organization requires free
software to allow the user complete freedom of redistribution, commercial
or otherwise.  Otherwise the software isn't free in the sense of giving the
user freedom; it is merely free of charge.

2016-10-08 21:16 GMT-03:00 Shriramana Sharma <samjnaa at>:

> That's your definition of non-free then... If I were a font developer and
> of mind to release my font for use without charge, I wouldn't want anyone
> else to make money out of selling it when I myself - who put the effort
> into preparing it - don't make money from selling it. So it protects the
> moral rights of the developer.
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