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Fri Oct 7 01:54:00 CDT 2016

We do provide data for keyboard mappings in CLDR ( There are some
further pieces we need to put into place.

   1. Provide a bulk uploader that applies our sanity-checking tests for a
   proposed keyboard mapping, and provides real-time feedback to users about
   the problems they need to fix.
   2. Provide code that converts from the CLDR format into the major
   platforms' formats (we have the reverse direction already).
   3. (Optional) Prettier charts!


On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 8:42 AM, Denis Jacquerye <moyogo at> wrote:

> In may case people resort to these hacks because it is an easier short
> term solution. All they have to do is use a specific font. They don't have
> to switch or find and install a keyboard layout and they don't have to
> upgrade to an OS that supports their script with Unicode properly. Because
> of these sort term solutions it's hard for a switch to Unicode to gain
> proper momentum. Unfortunately, not everybody sees the long term benefit,
> or often they see it but cannot do it practically.
> Too often Unicode compliant fonts or keyboard layouts have been lacking or
> at least have taken much longer to be implemented.
> One could wonder if a technical group for keyboards layouts would help
> this process.
> On Fri, Oct 7, 2016, 07:12 Martin J. Dürst <duerst at> wrote:
>> Hello Andrew,
>> On 2016/10/07 11:11, Andrew Cunningham wrote:
>> > Considering the mess that adhoc fonts create. What is the best way
>> forward?
>> That's very clear: Use Unicode.
>> > Zwekabin, Mon, Zawgyi, and Zawgyi-Tai and their ilk?
>> >
>> > Most governemt translations I am seeing in Australia for Burmese are in
>> > Zawgyi, while most of the Sgaw Karen tramslations are routinely in
>> legacy
>> > 8-bit fonts.
>> Why don't you tell the Australian government?
>> Regards,   Martin.
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