What happened to Unicode CLDR's site?

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 4 12:59:04 CDT 2016

2016-10-04 19:25 GMT+02:00 Leonardo Boiko <leoboiko at namakajiri.net>:

> The Google error message felt a bit too harsh for a webhosting client who
> merely exceeded their allotted bandwidth.  It made it sound like the
> website was hosting something illegal.

It's not impossible that the site was hacked a bit somewhere and used by a
thirdparty to host illegal content, or some malwares causing it to generate
a spike of bandwidth.

Stopping the website temporarily is a safe measure before admins can
explain what is causing this unexpected excess, and some cleanup operations
are eventually performed and some additional security measures taken
(Google itself cannot do that cleanup without an active action by the site

However I agree that the automatic message sent by Google used by the
blocker was very harsh.
Google can detect malwares running on hosted sites and could be more
informative about the cause:
- blocked because of a security issue (without explaining more to the
public, could be a DDoS damaging the operations on other hosted websites,
or hacked contents...).
- blocked until the site admins solve technical problems.
- blocked temporarily because of excess bandwidth (but no security issue
detected), but not saying publicly if this is because of failed payments
(this is private communication between the host provider and the web
- blocked temporarily due to a technical problem on the hosting platform
- blocked indefinitely due to a legal constraint (such as a court order,
the court order may force the publication of a legal notice on a static
And it should provide a better way of contact for site admins, or for
explaining what visitors can do (if there was a malware hosted on the site,
what they should do themselves on their own devices).
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