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On Fri, Nov 25 2016 at 15:38 CET, jsbien at writes:
> Hi!
> There are two comments to the character(s) in the U0180 chart:
> 1. Pan-Turkic Latin orthography


On Mon, Nov 28 2016 at 16:48 CET, kenwhistler at writes:
> On 11/25/2016 10:20 PM, Janusz S. Bień wrote:
>     Now there is a follow-up question: why the character was included in
> Unicode 1.1.0?  

Thank you very much for the detailed answer!


> Well, the proximate cause for that was the presence of z with stroke
> in the XCCS character set, which was the source for a lot of the early
> Unicode 1.0 repertoire. More precisely:
> XCCS (= Xerox Character Code Standard) 1990 contained:
> 0x23 0x48 Azerbaijani capital letter Z
> 0x23 0x68 Azerbaijani small letter Z



So "Pan-Turkic Latin orthograhy" in the comment shoud be understood as
The Uniform Turkic Alphabet

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