Manatee emoji?

Leonardo Boiko leoboiko at
Wed Nov 23 13:10:03 CST 2016

I support the creation of manatee emoji, but only if it’s accompanied
by a new modifier for emoji size, coming in the varieties: TINY,

This would allow us to say "oh, the [HUGE MANATEE]" in emoji.

2016-11-23 13:15 GMT-02:00 James Kass <jameskasskrv at>:
> If enough people sign the petition, will Unicode add a manatee emoji?
> And, how about wolverines and lemmings?  Are any petitions underway
> for them?  How many signatures on a petition would be needed before
> Unicode would consider adding a non-existent character to the
> repertoire?
> Best regards,
> James Kass

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