Unicode Digest, Vol 35, Issue 16

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 21 05:55:54 CST 2016

Thank you for your email and for your comments.

> Your abstract emoji are interesting.

Thank you.

> I am especially pleased that your noun brown emoji express a number of grammatical cases.

Thank you. I designed the glyphs with both the Latin case system, and also the way that Esperanto uses a subject, an inflected version of the subject for direct object, and a preposition followed by the same form as used for the subject for all other grammatical cases. in mind.

> However, your Some designs for emoji of personal pronouns is less flexible, wherein the pronouns can only express singular and plural grammatical numbers. Is there any chance that the system may be modified to enable the expression of dual grammatical number?

Yes. I have added some more designs for personal pronouns. I have added designs for "two" and also designs for "three or more".

I have also added some designs so as to give the option of expressing "we" either basically or with specifying one or other of "inclusive we" or "exclusive we".

I have also added a design for the form of you that is expressed by the word "tu" of French.

At the time of writing this note I have got thirty-one designs all in a document produced using the Serif PagePlus version X7 desktop publishing package.

I am hoping to export each of the thirty-one designs as an individual graphic file and add the graphic files to the following web page.


William Overington

Monday 21 November 2016

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