The (Klingon) Empire Strikes Back

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I believe there's already a court ruling that say languages and words are
not copyrightablein the case about loglan, although the trademarkability of
an language is another matter.

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> > On Thu, 11/3/16, Mark Shoulson <mark at> wrote:
> > Subject: The (Klingon) Empire Strikes Back
> > At the time of writing this letter it has not yet hit the UTC
> > Document Register, but I have recently submitted a document
> > revisiting the ever-popular issue of the encoding of Klingon
> > "pIqaD".  The reason always given why it could not be
> > encoded was that it did not enjoy enough usage, and so I've
> > collected a bunch of examples to demonstrate that this is not
> > true (scans and also web pages, etc.)  So the issue comes
> > back up, and time to talk about it again.
> There is another issue of course, which I think could be a huge obstacle:
> the Trademark/Copyright issue. Paramount claims copyright over the entire
> Klingon language (presumably including the script). The issue has recently
> gone to court. Encoding criteria for symbols (and this likely extends to
> letters) is against encoding them without the permission of the
> Copyright/Trademark holder.
> Is Paramount endorsing your proposal?
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> > ~mark
> David Faulks
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