Possible to add new precomposed characters for local language in Togo?

Marcel Schneider charupdate at orange.fr
Thu Nov 3 15:44:56 CDT 2016

On 3 Nov 2016 16:01:56 +0100, Mats Blakstad wrote;

> > Don’t use dead keys on the keyboard layout, then you can have the same
> > keyboard on Windows and Ubuntu.
> As we try to keep the French keyboard 1:1 

There are many. A standard is now being written, that will be subject to public 
enquiry from december through february, 2017. Base letters remain unchanged.

> and only extend it with extra functionalities,
> I guess we need to keep the dead keys already present there?

E.g. with combining diacritics by [dead key] followed by [space bar], as on:

> > Windows keymap compiler supports chained dead keys, it's only the visual
> > editor that does not allow it
> > Serial dead keys are a Windows feature,and implementing them is feasible
> > around MSKLC although not in the GUI
> Are there any other framework than MSKLC that is simple and easy to use?

I know people who use KbdEdit and like it, but it still has extra limitations.

> Or do we need to build from scratch?

No, KbdUTool generates the C sources from any KLC file, that MSKLC generates 
from any keyboard layout that ships with Windows except the Canadian Standard 
Keyboard, because this uses a modifier (0x08) that is unsupported in MSKLC.

> > http://charupdate.info#drivers
> > Further I recommend to program the deadtrans list in C because this has
> > the advantage of working on a flat list, while in the .klc source it is
> > grouped.
> > http://keyman.com/
> Thanks for these great leads! I guess keyman will make it dependent for the
> user to install extra softwares?

Yes, but IMHO installing custom keyboard layout drivers on Windows is not 
essentially different from installing extra software. However if it is to be 
shipped with Windows and distributed through Windows Update, Windows limitations 
apply, i.e. only one code unit by dead keys. In this case, even high surrogates 
must be entered separately (a not very intuitive workaround).

> And the charupdate is not available.

Now it is, though a huge part is still in French. My apologies.

> To me now it seems like the best approach to do it in C, I will try
> investigate more on this.
> Thanks for all the helpful feedbacks!

You are welcome.

> On 3 November 2016 at 08:56, Marcel Schneider  wrote: 

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