Possible to add new precomposed characters for local language in Togo?

Denis Jacquerye moyogo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 01:45:51 CDT 2016

You can also do dead keys in reverse where, instead of having the diacritic
key as a dead key that one pressed before a letter key, you have the letter
key as a dead key that you press before the diacritic key.
That way, your key order is the same whether a system handles outputting
multiple characters or not, and you can use precomposed characters when
available if that is a requirement.

On Thu, 3 Nov 2016 at 06:36 Denis Jacquerye <moyogo at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2016-11-03 1:05 GMT+01:00 Mats Blakstad <mats.gbproject at gmail.com>:
> So I wonder if it could be a solution for a precomposed double tone?
> So one unicode for tilde+acute and another for tilde+grave?
> The only way we manage to make the keyboard now is to add all the tones
> behind the letters instead of before the letters.
> I think in fact it seems easier than on French keyboard, but it will also
> break the French keyboard when it comes to what order you click buttons to
> add tones.
> I also think it would be a benefit to have the keyboard on windows and
> Ubuntu work mostly the same.
> Not sure if there are any other good ideas for how to solve it?
> Don’t use dead keys on the keyboard layout, then you can have the same
> keyboard on Windows and Ubuntu.
> Even if MSKLC could handle outputting multiple characters, why are dead
> keys a requirement?
> Shouldn’t you already have broken the French layout by reassigning keys to
> Togo language letters Ɛ, Ǝ, Ɩ, Ɔ, Ʋ, Ʊ, Ŋ?
> If not, it sounds like it will slow down typing in those languages.
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