The Hebrew Extended (Proposed) Block

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Robert, your statement seems to have an implicit assumption that the range 0860..08FF has somehow been reserved for Hebrew. That is not the case. As Markus reference elsewhere, people can refer to the Roadmap charts to see what is tentatively planned for a given range:

If you or others are working on or considering working on a proposal for additional Hebrew characters, you should not make any firm assumptions about code point assignments until some indication of suitable ranges have been given by the Unicode Technical Committee and that has been added to the Roadmap.


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Hello again, y’all!

¡BAD NEWS! (CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT):  The Unicode Consortium has assigned OTHER characters into the U+00860-U+008FF areas in the BMP of Unicode—Malayalam extended additional characters for Garshuni, and more additional Arabic characters.

We’ll need to find a DIFFERENT subblock to plant down our Hebrew extended characters...  either somewhere ELSE within the BMP, or somewhere within either SMP areas 1 or 2.
It’ll be the same arrangement originally planned for the U+00860 area—but relocated and expanded upon!

·Additional characters for correct typesetting of Hebrew
·Hebrew Palestinian vowel and pronunciation points
·The small superscript signs śin and shin for the letter shin
·Hebrew Palestinian cantillation
·Hebrew Babylonian vowel and pronunciation points
·Hebrew Babylonian cantillation
·Hebrew Samaritan vowel and pronunciation points
·Additional Hebrew characters for other Jewish languages
A new TXT listing of this subblock (with the new CORRECT location) will be forthcoming.  STAY TUNED!

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