The Hebrew Extended (Proposed) Block

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed May 11 11:24:29 CDT 2016

Philippe Verdy wrote:

> But are these supplemental Malayalam letters borrowed from Syriac
> really RTL like in the Syriac script ? I have doubts (it would
> seriously impact the Malayalam script which is LTR).
> May be the letter forms are identical (or similar) but they are
> changed to LTR (so the disunicification is justified if these are
> really letters).
> Or these are combining diacritics (working within the Indic letter
> clusters), i.e. in a "C*" general category but not in a "L*" general
> category (in which case they are Bidi neutral and don't really need to
> be in the RTL range).

It might help to read the proposal:

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