The Hebrew Extended (Proposed) Block

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Wed May 11 11:05:04 CDT 2016

But are these supplemental Malayalam letters borrowed from Syriac really
RTL like in the Syriac script ? I have doubts (it would seriously impact
the Malayalam script which is LTR).

May be the letter forms are identical (or similar) but they are changed to
LTR (so the disunicification is justified if these are really letters).

Or these are combining diacritics (working within the Indic letter
clusters), i.e. in a "C*" general category but not in a "L*" general
category (in which case they are Bidi neutral and don't really need to be
in the RTL range).

2016-05-11 16:47 GMT+02:00 Doug Ewell <doug at>:

> I wrote:
> > Pandey's proposal suggests they
> > should have General Category AL, like other Syriac letters.
> AL is a bidi type, not a General Category. Still.
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