Moving The Hebrew Extended Block Into The SMP

Mark E. Shoulson mark at
Tue May 10 21:32:33 CDT 2016

Oh yeah.  I also wonder a bit about things like the "half-letters" that 
were used sometimes in early Hebrew printing to fill out space left at 
the end of a line.  They would often write part of the next word, the 
first few letters, but maybe the last letter was missing part of it, or 
just random semi-characters (things like a SHIN with only two heads 
shows up a lot, or even complete SHINs). got me 
thinking of it.  They're probably not encodable... or are they?

I'll have to find some example scans.  If it's as common as I say, that 
should be easy... unless I'm wrong about that, which I guess would make 
the whole question easier too.


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