USAT value in the kIRG_USource property

Andrew West andrewcwest at
Tue Jun 28 06:26:44 CDT 2016


As Mr Suzuki says, despite the U prefix, USAT is not a Unicode source
character.  The reason why a solitary USAT source reference has
suddenly popped up in Ext. B is that several thousand ideographs were
proposed for encoding by SAT in what will be CJK Ext. F in Unicode
10.0 next year (there are currently 2,884 USAT characters in Ext. F).
At the WG2 meeting in Matsue Japan last year, in response to UK ballot
comments, USAT-00061 was unified with U+20991 in Ext. B (see
Recommendation M64.05c).  I suppose that the Unicode Standard will be
updated with a description of SAT when Ext. F is included in v. 10
next year.


On 28 June 2016 at 06:09, drmccreedy . <drmccreedy at> wrote:
> I see one codepoint now has the kIRG_USource property value of "USAT" in the
> Unihan_IRGSources.txt file from
>    U+20991 kIRG_USource USAT-00061
> UAX #45 (U-source Ideographs,
> mentions UTC and UCI but not
> UAX #38 (Unicode Han Database, updated
> the syntax for the kIRG_USource property (but not the description) to
> U(TC|CI|SAT)-[0-9]{5} so I'm pretty sure it's not a typo.
> Where can I find a description of the USAT value?
> Thanks,
> David McCreedy

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