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On 6/22/2016 3:33 AM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
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>     Important symbol additions include:
>       * 19 symbols for the new 4K TV standard
> We were told that this standad  is not named "4K" but "UltraHD" 
> (UHD)... "4K" is just a popular informal term in English medias, or 
> used in commercial announcements, here also in English. It is not 
> correctly understood everywhere, or would lead to confusion about the 
> required conformance level
... [verbose explanation of the standard] ...

> Anyway, aren't all these logos (not "4K", but "UltraHD" and 
> "DVB-T"/"DVB-T2") protected by IP rights (with specific rules about 
> their conforming usage, and a design for the shapes) ?

The characters in question are correctly identified as from the "ARIB 
STD B62" in the 9.0 code charts. We recognize that "4K" is just a 
shorthand term for the standard in question.

And while there may be specific rules for conforming usage in actual 
television implementation, the symbols in question were urgently 
requested by the Japanese National Body for inclusion in 10646 and the 
Unicode Standard, precisely to ensure Unicode *character-based* 
interchange and interoperability. See:

 From that document: "Therefore, it is highly expected that the 
additional symbols in ARIB STD-B62 are safely interchanged via UCS."

These 19 symbols were accelerated for publication in Unicode 9.0 to 
ensure their availability for implementations as of 2016.


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