Mende Kikakui Number 10

Michael Everson everson at
Fri Jun 10 17:23:20 CDT 2016

We encoded MYANMAR LETTER WA and MYANMAR DIGIT ZERO separately because the latter is used in decimal arithmetic, which is essential and well supported by computers.

Mende Kikakui has no ZERO. This is a fault, and they would do well to devise one. An oval with a line through it like Ø would do. But they don’t have this. We have in the proposal an image of a tax document of some sort. This has not been transliterated and translated. It may or may not contain the number “10”. 

MENDE KIKAKUI SYLLABLE PU is the appropriate character to use for a non-decimal 10. The dot or not-dot or the length of the bar is not relevant; I understand that both occur for both entities. Do we have other LETTER characters which are disunified from NUMBER (as opposed to DIGIT) characters? If so, then consistency might be a reason to disunify them. 

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