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David Faulks davidj_faulks at
Wed Jun 8 09:26:43 CDT 2016


Just a question here.

The Zodiac sign Capricorn has an alternate Glyph/Symbol (see below):

It is only vaguely similar to the glyph found in the Unicode charts and astrological sites, and sometimes astrological software offers a choice between the two.

Since every font I have checked on my computer, uses a glyph close to the Unicode charts (if they have Zodiac symbols at all), I am thinking that it might be best to propose this as a separate character.

Is this a good idea? 

Also, Zodiac signs right now have Emoji representations. Would I have to submit this as an Emoji rather than a symbol? Would I have to make up a coloured Emoji Glyph?

Thanks for any responses.

David Faulks

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