Adopting ZWJ

Marcel Schneider charupdate at
Wed Jun 8 00:03:14 CDT 2016

On Tue, 7 Jun 2016 20:39:07 -0600, Karl Williamson wrote:
>On 06/07/2016 06:25 PM, Marcel Schneider wrote:
>> On Tue, 7 Jun 2016 14:52:36 -0600, Karl Williamson wrote:
>>> On 06/07/2016 02:48 PM, Karl Williamson wrote:
>>>> I heard that someone was considering adopting ZWJ. They seemed to think
>>>> that non-printables are not adoptable. But I was unable to find a clear
>>>> list of criteria. The page that allows one to adopt said that it wasn't
>>>> available, but that page really doesn't make it clear how one can test
>>>> for this without actually doing the adoption. (Since it doesn't
>>>> actually ask for your credit card number on the initial page, one can
>>>> back out before the final commitment, but that's not a very friendly
>>>> interface)
>>> After I wrote that, I found this that I previously overlooked
>>> "You can’t sponsor candidate characters (those not yet released in a
>>> version of Unicode, such as the Emoji Candidates), nor certain
>>> characters such as invisible ones."
>>> But why this rule. Why should someone be forbidden to adopt ZWJ?
>> Likewise I seriously considered adopting NNBSP, that is very important
>> as a layout control, e.g. in the fr-FR locale, and is almost always stable
>> in the applications, as opposed to NBSP. Indeed neither do I see any
>> reason not to be able to adopt these characters, the less as there *is*
>> a visible representation, displaying their abbreviation in a box.
>> However I was aware from the beginning that my desire was unconventional.
>> At least it isnʼt the kind of ideal gift for your niece as referred to on
> Actually, someone suggested to me, only partially tongue-in-cheek that
> Unicode pitch to Sesame Street
> ( that they adopt some
> letters, as the show often (used to anyway) say that this episode is
> brought to you by the letters Q and x (different letters sponsored
> different episodes). Or maybe the pitch could be to the uncles and
> aunts, "Now you can be like Sesame Street, and sponsor a letter."

Sesame Street adopting all letters the episodes are brought by, would be great,
as would be all children being brought a character as an anniversary gift at least
once in their lives. I feel that this could be the way Unicode become ultimately
part of everybodyʼs real world, and get a place in peopleʼs hearts. Iʼd like to tell
the uncles and aunts not to stick with ASCII only—hoping that the young will then
ask for a keyboard layout all their characters are on—and make it!

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