Is it possible to choose rotational direction of vertical script if I want to force them to display horizontally?

gfb hjjhjh c933103 at
Wed Jan 20 00:07:37 CST 2016

For instance, traditional Mongolian script write in vertical-lr mode (text
run vertically from top to bottom, first line start on left), if you use
css writing mode horizontal-tb (default) then you can force it horizontal
by rotating each line of the text by 90 degree anticlockwise, and the
resultant text would be ltr. However, I just read on a Chinese webpage which claim there're a "traditional
way" of writing Mongolian horizontally by rotating it 90 degree clockwise
(despite I am not sure about what kind of tradition the webpage is
referring to nor do i know is it legit.), is this achievable within current
computer system like on webpage via css or in different word
processors/office suite software?
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