Unicode in the Curriculum?

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Then it should be UTF-8.  Learning to do something in a non-Unicode code page and then redoing it for UTF-8 or UTF-16 merely leads to conversion problems, incompatibilities, and other nonsense.

If someone “needs” to not use UTF-16 for whatever reason, then they should use UTF-8.  The “advanced” training should be the other non-Unicode code pages.

Teach them right the first time.  They’ll never use a code page.


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On 1/6/2016 10:59 AM, Shawn Steele wrote:

+1  :)

I'm not going to join the happy chorus here.

The "bunny" slope for most people is their own native language...


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Actually, ASCII should *not* be ignored or deprecated.

We *love* ASCII. The issue is just making sure that students understand that the *true name* of "ASCII" is "UTF-8". It is just the very first 128 values that open into the entire world of Unicode characters.

It is a mind trick to play on young programmers: when you learn "ASCII", you are just playing on the bunny slope at the UTF-8 ski resort. Slap on your snowboard and practice -- get out there onto the 2-, 3- and 4-byte slopes with the experts!


On 1/6/2016 4:09 AM, Andre Schappo wrote:

On 4 Jan 2016, at 16:59, Asmus Freytag (t) wrote:

ASCII shouldn't be taught, perhaps?

I really like the idea of questioning whether or not ASCII should even be taught.

Wherever in a programming curriculum, text processing/transmission/storage/presentation/encoding is taught, then it should be Unicode text.

ASCII, along with, ISO-8859 ISO-2022 GB2312  .etc. should be consigned


.and finally, the legacy character sets/encodings...

Maybe ASCII should now be flagged as deprecated


André Schappo

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