Unicode in the Curriculum?

Andre Schappo A.Schappo at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Jan 6 06:09:33 CST 2016

On 4 Jan 2016, at 16:59, Asmus Freytag (t) wrote:

> On 1/4/2016 6:44 AM, Elizabeth J. Pyatt wrote:
>> Like some others on the list, I believe Unicode should be mentioned at different points in a programming curriculum, particularly at the time when ASCII would be taught. 
> ASCII shouldn't be taught, perhaps?

I really like the idea of questioning whether or not ASCII should even be taught.

Wherever in a programming curriculum, text processing/transmission/storage/presentation/encoding is taught, then it should be Unicode text.

ASCII, along with, ISO-8859 ISO-2022 GB2312  …etc… should be consigned to 

…and finally, the legacy character sets/encodings...

Maybe ASCII should now be flagged as deprecated https://twitter.com/andreschappo/status/684706421712228352

André Schappo

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