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>> On 2/14/2016 3:36 PM, David Faulks wrote:
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>> If the copyleft (reversed ©) symbol was proposed
>> for encoding, with examples (from PDF files)
>> showing it being used in a similar way to the
>> copyright © symbol, it is likely to be accepted
>> for encoding?

> The key issue is whether this usage is "established".
> Showing that it has been used a few times is less
> useful than a good estimate of how widely it is
> used.
> A./

An estimate is difficult, other than usage being rare. The symbol itself is widely known and here to stay (there was actually a discussion about encoding it back in 2000 on this mailing list). A google search for ‘copyleft symbol’ reveals many results (such as ‘[ubuntu] Using copyleft symbol in text - Ubuntu Forums’), so I would say there is demand for this.

The samples I have seem to be from people who want to make a statement via an anti-copyright message, are familiar with the term ‘copyleft’ and the associated symbol, are playful enough to want to use the symbol instead of a more formal message like creative commons (after all, the copyleft symbol has no legal standing),but are willing to go to the extra effort of using a non-standard symbol for a small message that might not even be noticed.


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